SMF Course Schedule

  Semester 1 L-T-P Semester 2 L-T-P Semester 3 L-T-P Semester 4 L-T-P
Core Module SML710 Creative Problem Solving 2-0-2            
Core Module SML730 Organization Management 3-0-0            
Core Module SML731 Human Resources Management 3-0-0            
Core Module SML740 Quantitative Methods in Management 2-0-2 SML720 Business Environment and Corporate Strategy 2-0-2        
Core Module SML770 Managerial Accounting and Financial Management 2-0-2 SML745 Operations Management 3-0-0        
Core Module SML780 Managerial Economics 2-0-2 SML760 Marketing Management 3-0-0     SML890 Project 0-0-12
Focus Module SML723 Telecom Systems Management 3-0-0 SML726 Telecom Systems Analysis, Planning, and Design 3-0-0 EEL767 Telecom Systems 3-0-0    
Focus Module     SML728 International Telecom Systems Management 3-0-0        
Audit Module SML795 Systems Thinking 1-0-1 SML793 Statistics for Management 1-0-0        
Focus Module SML791 Computer Laboratory 0-0-2 SML794 Communication Skills 1-0-1 SML895 Management Research 1-0-1