2022 Build-A-Thon

ITU India AI/ML Challenge

Low Latency Closed Loop
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About us
  • Indian Institute of Technology Delhi: Technical and Management Team
  • Telecommunications Standards Development Society, India: Supporting Partner
  • International Telecommunication Union: Technical partner
  • The India-EU ICT Standardization Collabaration Project is funding and supporting the Build-a-Thon with Experts from EU and award for the winning Team.


To provide a platform for students and professionals in India to participate in global pre-standards activity and Build-A-Thon challenge related to AI/ML in 5G. IIT Delhi with support from India EU ICT Standardization Project, ITU and TSDSI ,launched the India specific Build-A-Thon aligned with ITU global challenge.
  • Build upon the previous work done by IIT Delhi in the area of focus group machine learning in 5G and extend for solving practical problems in the network and society.
  • Proof of concept development, culminating in demos.
  • Collaboratively create knowledge base and publish in global publications.
  • Prepare Final technical report.
  • A knowledge dissemination summary and technical report would be submitted as technical.
  • Report to SDOs to be treated as pre-standards input. This can lead to further standard proposals after due study and gap analysis of existing standards.
  • The winning team will get opportunity to enter the global ITU 2022 Build-A-Thon challenge.
  • Study tour to EU for winning team.
  • Winning team (with most practical design) will be invited to IITD for testing their solution on actual hardware.

Problem Statement

Problem statement I : Slip Detection (and Force Estimation)

  • Given: Object being held by Robotic Hand.
  • The object may tend to slip from the grip (by introducing weight change to object).
  • This task will have constant simulated real world constraints like gravity.
  • Overall this task requires an estimation of the force to be applied on the object for a successful grasp.
  • It is desirable to leverage latency-aware learning technique to
    •   Find if the object is about to slip
    •   Applying the appropriate control to prevent the slip
      •     Without breaking or deforming the object (force estimation)
      • Time series Labeled Datasets will be provided to the registered teams by IITD team.

        Problem statement II : Object Detection

        • Given: Object currently held by the Robotic Hand.
        • The Robotic Hand records its current states (in the form of angular configuration and forces exerted on its joints)
        • Using this modality the task is to detect the shape of the object.
        Time series Labeled Datasets will be provided to the registered teams by IITD team.
    About Us

    IIT Delhi has developed a MEC Test Bed integrated with 5G Core conforming ETSI standards (https://bhartischool.iitd.ac.in/mec-5g/). The application developed by the selected contestants will be tested on the Test-Bed with actual hardware (Allegro Hand and Haptic glove). All the required APIs for the test bed are already there and Test-Bed Team will help the contestants to integrate it with the Test-Bed.


    Events & Announcements


    # Team Name Position
    1 Roger That Winner
    2 AI ML SSD Ist Runners Up
    3 TCS Smart Machine IInd Runners Up

    Important Dates:

    # Date Mode of Event Event Title
    1 12th Sep, 2022 Online Round Table (IITD)
    2 23rd Sep, 2022 Hybrid(Online/Offline) Round Table 2 (IITD)
    2 Deadline: 30th Sep, 2022 Online Pre-evaluation of Problem Statement II (IITD)
    2 Deadline: 3rd Oct, 2022 Online Pre-evaluation of Problem Statement I (IITD)
    2 11th Oct, 2022 Online Final Submissions of Solution (IITD)
    3 14th Oct, 2022 Online Declaration of Results (IITD)
    4 14th Oct, 2022 Hybrid Build-a-thon Workshop, with invited talks from EU Experts (IITD)
    5 28th Oct, 2022 Online Start of Global round (ITU)
    6 25th Nov, 2022 Online Announcement of Global Awards (ITU)
    7 Dec, 2022 EU trip to winners

    Past Events

        Problem statement I - Slip Dtetection and Force Estimation
        • Training Dataset Download
        • Sample Dataset download

        • Problem statement II - Object Detection
          • Training Dataset download
          • Sample Dataset download

          Final Submission Instructions:
          Example file for final submission: TuringGroup.zip

          Important links

        Top Three Leader Board Positions for Pre-evaluation

        Leader board for pre-evaluation is presented here on the basis of "Accuracy" achieved and for any late submission 10% mark is deducted of the original score

        Problem Statement I: Slip detection and Force Estimation

        # Team Position
        1 TCS Smart Machine Ist
        2 AI ML SSD IInd
        3 Roger That IIIrd

        Problem Statement II: Object Detection

        # Team Position
        1 Roger That Ist
        2 AI ML SSD IInd
        2 TCS Smart Machine IIIrd


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    Prof. Brejesh Lall, Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering, IIT Delhi

    Prof. Arzad Alam Kherani, Associate Professor, Dept. of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, IIT Bhilai

    email: 5g.bhartischool@gmail.com

    email: mec5giitd@gmail.com

    phone: +91 11 26597239

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