Telecom Software Lab

It is one of the few laboratories in the country outside the Industry that conducts research and offers courses in protocol and CASE tools.The Telecom Software Lab offers instruction in tools and methodologies for telecom software development. Through a generous support program from M/s Telelogic with its Telelogic Tau products , it is one of the few laboratories in the country outside the Industry which conducts research and offers courses in Protocol Development, embedded real-time operating systems and CASE tools. Read more

Telecom Network Lab

It's engaged in building open source telecom protocol stacks and building blocks under its Open Stacks initiative. Read more

Wireless Research Lab

It's engaged in research and education in the broad area of wireless communications, Wireless Channel Measurement, Space Time Codes, MIMO Systems, Sensor Networks, Broadband Antenna Design. It also houses the Virtual Wireless Lab projects, sponsored by MMRD, which is likely to impart the engineering student community nation wide for remote experimentation and research. Read more

Internet of Things (IoT) Lab

With increase in machine-to-machine communication, IoT along with virtualization technology, aims to establish a heterogeneous network where any device can plug in and start using the services hosted by cloud service provider. Read more

Next Generation Wireless Communication Lab

The “Next Generation Wireless Communication Laboratory” is focused on developing next generation wireless communication technologies( e.g., Large and Massive MIMO technologies, Cognitive Radio technologies, Physical Layer Security, Energy harvesting, Green Communication, Device to Device communication, mmWave communication systems). Read more