Systems Research and Technology Development Labs

This R&D lab is divided into 3 research laboratories

Central Research Facility on Advanced Electrical Characterization (CRF-AEC) Lab
This lab houses some of the high-end electrical characterization equipment meant for wafer and chip level characterization of electronic devices and circuits down to cryogenic temperatures as well as mm-wave frequencies up to 67 GHz. The lab also has facility to perform low frequency noise measurements, DC measurements, and a solar simulator.

UltraFast Optical Communications and High-performance Integrated Photonics Lab (UFO-CHIP)
In this laboratory, we work in the domain of optics and photonics for enhancing communication networks. We process high-frequency and high-bandwidth RF signals using photonic techniques such as microwave photonics, nonlinear optics and integrated optics to increase the flexibility and functionality of traditional wireless systems. Furthermore, we are developing integrated laser sources for quantum communications and telecommunication applications and are developing a Terabits-per-second coherent optical communication system.

5G & Beyond Wireless Communication Lab The lab is designed to house the core equipment of the proposed communication systems test and R&D bench at IIT Delhi as an Academia-Industry Collaborative R&D exercise towards faculty research translation, industry-grade systems/product development, and technology incubation. One of the key goals is to enable ourselves to come up with the technology development capabilities for the Indian Strategic Needs in the area of or involving Communication Engineering.

Communication System and Signal Processing Lab

It's engaged in building open source telecom protocol stacks and building blocks under its Open Stacks initiative. Read more

Wireless Research Lab

It's engaged in research and education in the broad area of wireless communications, Wireless Channel Measurement, Space Time Codes, MIMO Systems, Sensor Networks, Broadband Antenna Design. It also houses the Virtual Wireless Lab projects, sponsored by MMRD, which is likely to impart the engineering student community nation wide for remote experimentation and research. Read more

AI & Machine Learning Lab

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning have become today’s hot topics as AI and ML technologies increasingly find their way into everything from advanced quantum computing systems and leading-edge medical diagnostic systems to consumer electronics and “smart” personal assistants. AIML lab aims at improving the quality of life of students through technology by bringing end to end multi- disciplinary researches to a single place.

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6G & Beyond Wireless Communication Lab

The “6G and Beyond Wireless Communication lab” is focused on developing wireless communication technologies for 6G (e.g., modulation waveforms for 6G high mobility scenarios, joint communication and radar sensing). Emphasis will be on development of algorithms for 6G technologies. Government and industry funding will be sought to setup an experimental facility for verification of 6G algorithms and technologies. Ph.D/M.Tech students will also get trained in the design of 6G communication systems.

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