Wireless Research Laboratory

The Wireless Research Laboratory at the Bharti School is engaged in research and education in the broad area of wireless communications and networking, as to provide ubiquitous access to wired and wireless resources for mobile and wireless multimedia users. It re-in forces our belief that future wireless networks will allow people on the move to communicate with anyone, anywhere, at any time, using a range of multimedia services.
The Wireless Research Laboratory was setup with the following objectives:
  •   To conduct lab classes at graduate level and advanced undergraduate level
  •   To carry out wireless-related project work
  •   To support research activity in the area of wireless communications
  •   To develop killer-applications that will be interesting for the industry
  •   To offer short-term courses for people from the industry and academia

The Wireless Research Laboratory is engaged in research on Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) systems and Space Time codes, broadband wireless access, software defined radio (SDR), Ultra Wideband (UWB) Communications, embedded Systems for Wireless Communications, channel measurement and modeling and broadband antenna design.
Current projects in the lab include the development of a UWB communications prototype, development of Wideband antennas, security issues in energy-constrained sensor networks and the development of Software Defined Radios. Our research activities are supported by generous grants from the Department of Science and Technology (DST), Ministry for Human Resource Development (MHRD) and All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

  • The course work comprises of a set of seven experiments which gives indepth knowledge of the concepts involved with wireless communication.
  • The course will also inlcude application based experiments that will be based on the project works accomplished in the lab.
  • The most important aspect of this lab will the project work. The students are expected to work on a mini-project will be graded following a demo in the last phase of this lab schedule.The students are open to choose their area of  project work
  • The lab is truely unique of its kind - as it constanly upgrades itself  every year . The list of experiments for its students evolve based on accomplishments of the all the students who completed this course.  


  • Multiple Input Multiple Output (MIMO) Systems
    • Antenna systems design 
    • Channel modeling
    • Space-time codes
  • Software Definer Radio (SDR)
    • IEEE 802.11x
    • IEEE 802.16
  • Ultra Wideband (UWB) Communications
    • Channel modeling
    • Coding
    • Sensor networks
    • RF IDs
  • Embedded Systems for Wireless Communications
  • Channel Measurement
  • Software Development for Wireless applications


Dr. Ranjan Bose
Phone(o) :    +91 11 2659 1048  
Email       :   rbose@ee.iitd.ac.in
Dr.Manav Bhatnagar
Phone(o) :    +91 11 2659 7251  
Email       :   manav@ee.iitd.ac.in

Abhishek Jindal     jindal.2887@gmail.com
Sourabh Tiwari     sourabhshivtiwari@gmail.com
Ashutosh Rai     ashuhunk87@gmail.com
Ashish Joshi     ashish.joshi15@gmail.com
P. Shravan Kumar     shravanp2292@gmail.com

Lab Manual

The manual comprises of seven experiments that provide the students with opportunity to learn and implement
the most interesting concepts involved with wireless communication viz. Antenna radiation patterns,propagation
delay measurement of a channel,handover etc.
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Course Schedule

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IIA- 206,
IIT Delhi, New Delhi - 110016

Telephone: 011- 2659-7244

Email (Alias): bharti.wireless-lab

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