Telecom Networks Lab

The Telecom Networks Lab is involved with the design and inter-working aspects of telecom networks - access, edge, core and deep core networks. Recognizing the benefits and cost-effectiveness of emulating real-life networks through emulators, the lab has planned investments in several software suites - both commercial software like CommSim, Telelogic, OpNet and open source software - which allow instruction in communication networks while paring the investment in physical infrastructure to a minimum. This also helps to avoid rapid obsolescence in physical equipment for teaching and research. The lab has emulators for ISDN networks at the access level and is in the process of acquiring test and measurement equipment for DSL, cable modem, Bluetooth based protocols.

One of the significant objectives of this Lab is to build open source telecom protocol stacks and building blocks under its OpenStacks initiative. This initiative is intended to develop open-source stacks for use without royalty.

This lab is equipped with the state of the art equirment which gives the students hands-on experience of the latest in Wireless Communications thereby enticing the students to explore further frontiers of technology. The lab hosts the following:

  • 100 Mips Microcontroller Development Kit
  • Flash Based FPGA KIT & Intel Processor
  • Rabbit Kits -RCM 3000 Development kit
  • Tool kit with dynamic C-premier
  • Altera kit UP-2 DLP-70 UP-2 Design lab pack
  • Entrasy network switch SC 105 - 5 slot 


Prof.Subrat Kar