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BSTTM/1 Walke UMST The Fundamentals
BSTTM/2 Dubemlorf Wireless Data Technologies
BSTTM/3 Roy Blake Wireless Communication Technology
BSTTM/4 Lee Broadband Wireless Mobile
BSTTM/5 Stuckmann The GSM Evolution Mobile Packet Data Services
BSTTM/6-10 Proakis Wiley Encyclopedia of Telecommunications
BSTTM/11 Mackay Information Theory, Inference and Learning Algorithm
BSTTM/12 Larsson and Stoica Space-Time Block Coding for Wireless Communication
BSTTM/13 Mumter OFDM and MC-CDMA (JW)
BSTTM/14 Hanzo, Yang, Kuan Single and Multi-Carrier DS-CDMA (JW)
BSTTM/15 Anderon Coded Modulation System
BSTTM/16 John R. Berry, Edward A. Lee Digital Communication
BSTTM/17 Branka Vucetic Jinhong yuan Publisher : John Wiley & Sons Ltd. Space-Time Coding
BSTTM/18 Dowla Handbook of RF and Wireless Technologies
BSTTM/19 Anthony J. Massa Publisher: Prentice Hall Embedded Software Development with ecos
BSTTM/20 Robert G.Cole Ravi Ramaswamy Wide Area Data Network Performance Engineering
BSTTM/21 Sudhir S. Dixit IP over WDM
BSTTM/22 Jean J. Labrose Micro c/os - II The Real Time Kernel
BSTTM/23 Howard Johnson Martin Graham High Speed Digital Design
BSTTM/24 Korowaj czuk Designing CDMA 2000 System GSM, CDMA one and 39 System
BSTTM/25 Raymond, Steele GSM, CDMA aone an d39 System
BSTTM/26 Andreas Mitschele - Thiel Systems Engineering with SDL
BSTTM/27 Sergio Verdu Multiuser Detection
BSTTM/28 T.S. Rappaport Wireless Communication
BSTTM/29 Kamilo Feher Wireless Digital Communication Modulation & Spread
BSTTM/30 W.C.Y. Lee Mobile Cellular Telecomm.
BSTTM/31 Dia Komis Gerakaulis Evaggelos Geraniotis CDMA : Access and Switching
BSTTM/32 Walke UMTS - The Fundamentals
BSTTM/33 J. Benesty, Y. Huang Adaptive Signal Processing
BSTTM/34 Alen Brand Hamid Aghvami Multiple Access Protocols for Mobile Communication
BSTTM/35 Charles W. Therrian Murali Tummala Probability for Electrical and computer Engineers
BSTTM/36 Maciej Niedzwiecki Identification of Teire Varying Processer
BSTTM/37 Sen M.Kuo Woon - Seng Gan Digital Signal Processors
BSTTM/38 Harri Holma :- WCDMA for UMTS and Antti Toskala Edition 2000 WCDMA for Units
BSTTM/39 Peter Stavroulakis Edition 2007 Wireless Local Loops
BSTTM/40 Timo Halonen Javier Romero & Juan Melcro Second Edition GSM,GPRS and EDGE Performance
BSTTM/41 Roger Ackerley Telecommunications Performance Engineering (2003)
BSTTM/42 Ian Blake, Gadiel Seroussi & Nigel Smart Elliptic Curves in Cryptigraphy
BSTTM/43 Stefano Basagni, Macco Conti Silvia Glordano Ivan Stojmenocic Mobile & Adhoc Networking
BSTTM/44 Johan Buckley Telecommunications Regulation
BSTTM/45 Mohamed Ibnkahla Signal Processing for Mobile Communications
BSTTM/46 Prasad Ofdm for Wireless Comm. Systems
BSTTM/47 Henry- Labordere Jonack SMS and MMS Interworking in Mobile Networks
BSTTM/48 Luan Dang, Cullen Jennings & David Kelly Practicak VOIP using VOCAL
BSTTM/49 Roy M. Howard Principles of Random Signal Analysis & Low Noise Design
BSTTM/50 Johan Farserotu IP/ATM Mobile Satellite Networks
BSTTM/51 Ramjee Prasad,Mohr, Konhauser Third Generation Mobile Comm. Systems
BSTTM/52 Castoldi Multiuser Detection in CDMA Mobile Terminals
BSTTM/53 Le Blane Statistics Concept and application for Science
BSTTM/54 Le Blane Statistics Concept and application for Science Work Book
BSTTM/55 Calhoun Third Generation Wireless Systems
BSTTM/56 Sreetharan Subaamaniam ATM Interworking in BroadBand Wireless Application
BSTTM/57 Lehpamer Transmission Systems Design Handbook for Wireless Networks
BSTTM/58 L. Hanzo Quadrature Amplitude Madulation
BSTTM/59 Odum Modeling for All Scales
BSTTM/60 Davis, Yen The information System Consultant's Handboolk Systems Analysis and Design
BSTTM/61 James K. Shaw Strategic Management in Telecommunications
BSTTM/62 Alec Sharp Workflow Modeling
BSTTM/63 Wim Van Grembergen Strategies for Information Tech. Governance
BSTTM/64 Suliman Al-haw Knowledge Management
BSTTM/65 Jay Schilckman ISO 9001:2000 Quality Management System Design
BSTTM/66 Willam Webb The future of Wireless Communications
BSTTM/67 Anders Olsson Understanding Changing Telecommunications
BSTTM/68 Wang Ng Advances in 3G Enhanced Technologies for Wireless Communications
BSTTM/69 Amitava Mukherjee, Bandyopadhyay Saha Location Management and Routing in Mobile Wireless Networks
BSTTM/70 Jose M. Caballero, Hens, Segura, Guimera Installation and Maintenance of SDH/SONET, ATM, XDSL
BSTTM/71 Celia L. Desmond Project Management for Telecommunications Managers
BSTTM/72 Zahariadis Home Networking
BSTTM/73 George S. Faigen, Boris Fridman, Arielle Emmett Wireless Data for the Enterprise Making Sense of Wireless Business
BSTTM/74 Richard A.Gershon Telecommunications Management
BSTTM/75 Ramjee Prasad Marina Ruggieri Technology Trends in Wireless Communications
BSTTM/76 Sergey A. leonov Alexander I. Leonov Mathematical Handbook for Elect. Engineers
BSTTM/77 Muller Lans to WANs The Complete Management Guide
BSTTM/78 Serrat Galis Deploying and Managing IP over WDM Networks
BSTTM/79 Liotine Mission Critical Network Planning
BSTTM/80 Anderson Digital Transmission Engineering
BSTTM/81 Freeman Fundamentals of Telecommunications II nd Edition
BSTTM/82 Radomir S. Stankovic, Claudio Moraga, Jaakko T. Astola Fourier Analysis on Finite Groups with Applications in Signal Processing and System Design
BSTTM/83 Rob Frieden Managing Internet Driven Change in International Telecommunications
BSTTM/84 Kenneth Carlton Cooper The Relational Enterprise Moving beyond CRM to Maximize all your Business Relationships
BSTTM/85 Peter Massam Managing Service Level Quality
BSTTM/86 Peter Stavroulakis Reliablity Survivability and Quality of Large Scale
BSTTM/87 Neill Wilkinson Next Generation Network Services
BSTTM/88 BO Karlson (Wilky) Bria, Lind, Lonnqvist, Norlin Wireless Foresight
BSTTM/89 S.C. Strother Telecommunications Cost Management
BSTTM/90 Xu. Yan. Douglas Pitt Chinese Telecommunications Policy
BSTTM/91 Donald H. Sheldon Class A ERP Implementation
BSTTM/92 Abrahams Centrex or PBX the impact of IP
BSTTM/93 Hu, Maral, Ferro Service Efficient Net. Interconnection via Satellite
BSTTM/94 M. Carrier, Roggenhofer, Kuppers, Blanchard (Eds.) Knowledge and the world Challenges Beyond the Science Wars
BSTTM/95 U. Megali Synchronization Techniques for Digital Receivers
BSTTM/96 Chassaing Digital Signal Processing and Application with C6713 and C6416 DSK
BSTTM/97 Axelson USB Complete Second Edition
BSTTM/98 Mohsen Guizani Wireless Communications Systems and Networks
BSTTM/99 Le Bodic Mobile Messaging Technologies and Services
BSTTM/100 Molisch Wireless Communication
BSTTM/101 Van Helvoort SDH/SONET Explained in functional Models
BSTTM/102 Johan Farserotu IP/ATM Mobile Satellite Networks
BSTTM/103 Bates Optimizing Voice in ATM/IP Mobile Networks
BSTTM/104 Sun Satellite Networking
BSTTM/105 Aftab Ahmad Wireless & Mobile Data Networks
BSTTM/106 Welzl Network Congestion Control
BSTTM/107 K.Simon (Willey), Alouini Digital Communication over Fading Channels
BSTTM/108 Harry G. Perros (Willey), Alouini An Introduction to ATM Networks
BSTTM/109 Martin - Flatin Web - Based Management of IP Networks and Systems
BSTTM/110 Alencar da Rocha Communication Systems
BSTTM/111 Boukerche Handbook of Algorithms for Wireless Networking and Mobile Computing
BSTTM/112 Tonguz and Ferrari AD HOC Wireless Networks
BSTTM/113 Karl, Willing Protocols and Architectures for Wireless Sensor Networks
BSTTM/114 Salkintzis, Passas Emerging Wireless Multimedia Services and Technologies
BSTTM/115 Courcoubetis Pricing Communication Networks
BSTTM/116 Fuller Rapid IO The Embedded System Interconnect
BSTTM/117 Perez Wireless Communication Design Handbook VOL 1
BSTTM/118 Perez Wireless Communication Design Handbook VOL 2
BSTTM/119 Perez Wireless Communication Design Handbook VOL 3
BSTTM/120 Chorafas Enterprise Architecture and New Generation Information Systems
BSTTM/121 Jack L. King Operational Risk Measurement and Modelling
BSTTM/122 Raisanen Implementing Service Quality in IP Networks
BSTTM/123 Irvine Data Communications and Network
BSTTM/124 Tomi T Ahonen M - Profits Making Money from 3G Services
BSTTM/125 James E Applied Data Communication
BSTTM/126 Nikil Jayant Broadband Last Mile Access Tech. for Multimedia Comm.
BSTTM/127 Hui Liu OFDM - Based Broadband Wireless Networks
BSTTM/128 Bodic Mobile Messaging Technologies and Services
BSTTM/129 Ozank (J.W.) AD HOC Wireless Network
BSTTM/130 Roger J. Secure Communication Application and Management
BSTTM/131 Jame E. Local Area Networks Bussiness Oriented Approach
BSTTM/132 Thad B. Welch Real - Time Digital Signal Processing
BSTTM/133 Stuart Barnes Unwired Bussiness Cases in Mobile Bussiness
BSTTM/134 Jarkko Vera Mobile Services in the Network Economy
BSTTM/135 Parsons (J.W.) The Mobile Radio Propagation Channels (2nd Edition.)
BSTTM/136 Russell (MC- Grow) Signalling System # 7 (5th Edition)
BSTTM/137 Guriter Bokh (J.W.) Queueing Networks and Markov Chains
BSTTM/138 Kaiser Electromagnetic Shelding
BSTTM/139 Piguet Low - Power Processors and Systems on Chips
BSTTM/140 P.P. Vaidynathan Multirate Systems and Filter Banks
BSTTM/141 Bingham ADSL,VDSL and Multicarrier Moduration
BSTTM/142 Starr DSL Advances
BSTTM/143 Shinsuke Hara Ramjee Prasad Multicarrier Techniques for 4G Mobile Communication
BSTTM/144 Castro All IP in 3G CDMA Networks
BSTTM/145 Minoru Etoh Next Generation Mobile Services
BSTTM/146 Carayannis Edevelopment towards the knowledge Economy
BSTTM/147 Chini Effective Knowledge Transfer in Multinational Corporation
BSTTM/148 Nissen Harsnessing Knowledge Dynamics
BSTTM/149 Charmianne EAV Lemmens Innovation in Technology Alliance Networks
BSTTM/150 Huizenga Innovation Management in the ICT Sector
BSTTM/151 Mezgar Integration of ICT in Smart Organizations
BSTTM/152 Milton Knowledge Management Teams & Projects
BSTTM/153 Gottschallk Managing Successful IT Outsourcing Relationship
BSTTM/154 Sauber and Hugo Structural Creativity
BSTTM/155 Anstin Broadband Explosin
BSTTM/156 Cave Handbook of Telecommunications Economics VOL -2
BSTTM/157 J.H. Erik Mobile Virtual Work
BSTTM/158 Raghvan Telecommunication Planning
BSTTM/159 Brown Telecommunication Reforms in the Asia Pacific Region
BSTTM/160 Edwards Telecosmos
BSTTM/161 Green The Irwin Handbook of Telecom
BSTTM/162 Mathew The WTO Agreements on Telecom
BSTTM/163 Karlson Wireless Foresight, Scenarios of the Mobile World in 2015
BSTTM/165 Golden Fundamental of DSL Technology
BSTTM/166 Bolcskei Space - Time Wireless Systems
BSTTM/167 MA - Springer Third Generation Communication Systems
BSTTM/168 Sheriff Mobile Satellite Communication Network
BSTTM/169 Castoldi Multiuser Detection in CDMA Mobile Terminals
BSTTM/170 Ojanpera WCDM - Towars IP Mobility and Mobile Internet
BSTTM/171 Tiam Mobility Management in Wireless Networks
BSTTM/172 Withers Radio Spectrum Management
BSTTM/173 Fnieden Managing Internet Driven Change in International Telecommunications (AH)
BSTTM/174 ASH (Morgan Kauf) Traffic Engineering & QOS Optimization of Integrated Voice & Data Netwoks
BSTTM/175 Turnbull Broadband Application And the Digital Home
BSTTM/176 Bates Wireless Broadband Handbook
BSTTM/177 Pallapa Venkatamn Communication Protocol Engineering
BSTTM/178 Andrews Fundamental of Wimax
BSTTM/179 Willian K. Pratt Digital Image Processing
BSTTM/180 G. Kabatiasky Error Correcting coding and Security for Data Networks
BSTTM/181 Keri Hayes Going Mobile
BSTTM/182 Robert Fantina Practical Software Process Improvement
BSTTM/183 Peter A Swan Global Mobile Satellite Systems A System Overview
BSTTM/184 Chlamtac Broadband Services (Business Models) and Technology
BSTTM/185 Andersson Mobile Media and Applications
BSTTM/186 Ling Spinger Mobile Communication
BSTTM/187 Nassar Telecommunications Demistified
BSTTM/188 Strassner Policy - Based Network Management
BSTTM/189 AH Galis Programmable Networks for IP Services Deployment
BSTTM/190 Sheriff (J.W.) Space / Terrestrial Mobile Networks
BSTTM/191 Hans - Peter (AH) Introduction to Digital Professional Mobile Radio
BSTTM/192 GUO (AH) Advances in Mobile Radio access Networks
BSTTM/193 Simon (AH) Digital Communication over Fading Channels
BSTTM/194 Kim - Koo (AH) CDMA Systems Capacity Engineering
BSTTM/195 Kularatna (AH) Essentials of Moderm Telecom Systems
BSTTM/196 Oestges Mimo Wireless Communications
BSTTM/197 EL Mahdy Disater Management in Telecom Broadcasting and Computer System
BSTTM/198 Miroslav Poporic Communication Protocol Engineering
BSTTM/199 Robert A Pease Troubleshooting Analog Circuits
BSTTM/200 Schmitt Electromagnetic Explained
BSTTM/201 Koodli (JW) Mobile Inter - Networking with IPV6
BSTTM/202 Holmes (JW) Spread Spectrum System
BSTTM/203 Gilisic (JW) Advanced Wireless Networks 4G Technologies
BSTTM/204 Tafazolli Technologies for the Wireless Future(JW)
BSTTM/205 Andersson Mobile Media and Applications
BSTTM/206 Ashby (Elseviar) Designer's Guide to the Cypress PSOC W/CD
BSTTM/207 Tim Willams (Elseviar) The Circuit Designers Companion
BSTTM/208 Asby (Elseviar) Electrical Engineering 101 S/CD
BSTTM/209 Jacob, W.NG (Morgan Kaufmam) Memory Systems, Cache, Dram Disk
BSTTM/210 Wilson Design Recipes for FPGAS
BSTTM/211 Kiemettinen Enabling Technologies for Mobile Services(JW)
BSTTM/212 Bollard Designing the Mobile User Exp. (JW)
BSTTM/213 Jagannathan Wireless ad hoc and Sensor Networks (Taylor)
BSTTM/214 Bellavista The Handbook of Mobile Middleware (Auebach)
BSTTM/215 Cordeiro AD HOC & Sensor Network (WS)
BSTTM/216 Chen Radio Resources Management for Multimedia dos Support in Wireless Networks (KAP)
BSTTM/217 Y. Xiao Wireless Network Security
BSTTM/218 Russ Introduction to Image Processing and Analysis
BSTTM/219 Kveher UMT Signaling (J.W.)
BSTTM/220 Swami Wireless Sensor Network
BSTTM/221 Mims The Forest Mims Scrap Book Vol -1
BSTTM/222 Zhao Wireless Sensor Networks (Esevier)
BSTTM/223 Aviv Laser space Communication
BSTTM/224 Schaar Chov Multi Media Over IP and Wireless Networks
BSTTM/225 Savo G Glisic Advanced Wireless Communication 4G Technologies
BSTTM/226 Kaminow Optical Fiber Telecommunication (B : Systems and Networks)
BSTTM/227 Kaminow Optical Fiber Telecommunication (A : Components and Networks)
BSTTM/228 Chadha Kant Policy Driven Mobile AD HOC Networks Management
BSTTM/229 Yan Zhang Internet of things : Form RFID to the Next Gen Pervasive Systems
BSTTM/230 Kamid Hemmati Deep Space Optical Communication
BSTTM/231 Charles Edquist The Internet and Mobile Telecom System of Innov.
BSTTM/232 Braun, Rossak, Peter Braun Mobile Agents, Basic Concepts Mobility Models & The Tracy Toolkit
BSTTM/233 Franciso J. Hens, Jose M. Caballero The Triple Play Challenge
BSTTM/234 Jose M. Caballero, Franciso J. Hens, Migratation to Next Generation SDH
BSTTM/235 Jose M. Caballero, Franciso J. Hens, Gigabit Ethernet roll-out
BSTTM/236 De Cusatis Handbook of Fiber Optic Data Communication
BSTTM/237 Munoz, Bouchereau, Vargas, Enriquez-Caldera Position Locatin Techniques and Applications
BSTTM/238 Saltzer, Kaashoek Principels of Computer System Design.
BSTTM/239 Vora Web Applicatin Design Patterns
BSTTM/240 Maxfield FPGAs
BSTTM/241 Donovan Portable Electronics
BSTTM/242 Williston Digital Signal Processing
BSTTM/243 Love RF Front \96 End
BSTTM/244 Chandra Wireless Networking
BSTTM/245 Andrews, Phillips Laser beam Propagation through Random Media
BSTTM/246 Camarillo The 3G IP multimedia Subsystem (IMS)
BSTTM/247 Wong, Kong, Liang, Chua, Mark Wireless Broadband Networks
BSTTM/248 Aghajan, Cavallaro Multi-Camera Networks Principles and Applications
BSTTM/249 Koster, Munoz Graphs and Algorithms in Communication Networks
BSTTM/250 Gebali, Elmiligi El- Kharashi Networks on Chips Theory and Practice
BSTTM/251 Al- Begain Balakrishna Galindo, Moro IMS: A development And Deployment Perspective
BSTTM/252 Guizani, Rayes, Khan, Al-Fuqaha Networks Modeling and Simulation A Practical Perspective
BSTTM/253 V Ganesan Internal Combustion Engines Third Edition
BSTTM/254 Devendra K. Chaturvedi Modeling and Simulation of Systems using MATLAB and Simulink (with CD)
BSTTM/255 Nassair H. Saban Electronics Basic Analog, And Digital with Pspice
BSTTM/256 Hazarathaian Malepati Digital Media Processing DSP Algorithms Using C
BSTTM/257 Henri Casanova, Arnaud Legrandm & Yves Robert Parallel Algorithms
BSTTM/258 Ana L. Perez-Neira Mare Realp Campalans Cross-Layer Resourse Allocation in Wireless Communications
BSTTM/259 David Large James Farmer Broadband Cable Access Networks
BSTTM/260 Uhrmacher, Weyns Multi-Agent Systems Simulation and Applications
BSTTM/261 Yang Xiao, Yi Pan Emerging Wireless Lans, Wireless Pans, And Wireless Mans
BSTTM/262 Rebecca Copeland Converging NGN Wireline and Mobile 3G Networks with IMS
BSTTM/263/td> Patricia Morreale, Kornel Terplan CRC handbook of Modern Telecommunications
BSTTM/264 Obaidat, Boudriga Fundamentals of Performance Evaluation of Computer And Telecommunication Systems
BSTTM/265 Syed A. Ahson, Mohammad ilyas VOIP Handbook Applications, Technologies, Reliability and Security
BSTTM/266 Alexandros Stavdas Core And Metro Networks
BSTTM/267 G.Ferrari (Ed.) Sensor Networks
BSTTM/268 Merkow Raghavan Secure and Resilient software Development
BSTTM/269 Nicolescu Mosterman IP Communication and Services for NGN
BSTTM/270 Ahson Ilyas Location Based Services Handbook
BSTTM/271 Tsiptisis Data Mining Techniques in CRM
BSTTM/272 Beutler Digital Mining Techniques in CRM
BSTTM/273 Aviv Laser Space Communications
BSTTM/274 Castoldi Multiuser Detection in CDMA Mobile Terminals
BSTTM/275 Emmanuel Desurvire Global Telecommunications
BSTTM/276 Raiz Esmailzadeh Broad Band Wireless Communications Business
BSTTM/277 Nadia Nepjah Computational Intelligence In Information Assurance And Security
BSTTM/278 Rolf Oppliger SSL and TLS Theory + Practical
BSTTM/279 Hendrik C. Ferreira Power Line Communication
BSTTM/280 Kamran Etemad Wimax Technology And Network Evolution
BSTTM/281 Dipak Chatterjee Linear Programming And Game Theory
BSTTM/282 Jarkko Vesa Mobile Services in the Network Economy
BSTTM/283 Fred. R. Goldstein The Great Telecom Meltdown
BSTTM/284 Mostafa Hashem Managing Projects in Telecommunication Services
BSTTM/285 William J. Drake, Ernest J. Wilson III Governing Global Electronics Networks
BSTTM/286 W. J. Buchanan The Handbook Of Data Communications And Networks (Volume 1)
BSTTM/287 W. J. Buchanan The Handbook Of Data Communications And Networks (Volume 2)
BSTTM/288 Guy Davies Designing of Developing Scalable IP Network
BSTTM/289 Abbas Jamalipour The Wireless Mobile Internet
BSTTM/290 Mika Klemettinen Enabling Technologies for Mobile Services
BSTTM/291 Nevio Benvenuto Comm. Systems (fundamentals of Design Method
BSTTM/292 Liu Sifeng Theory of Science of Tech. Tranfer & App (CRC)
BSTTM/293 Georios Kornaros Multi-core Embedded Systems
BSTTM/294 Ajith Abraham Computational Social Network Analysis
BSTTM/295 Graham Cormode Algorithms For Next Generation Networks
BSTTM/296 Drew Gislason Zigbee Wireless Networking
BSTTM/297 Ramjee Prasad Wimax Networks
BSTTM/298 Deji Chen Wireless Hart
BSTTM/299 Ivan Diordjevic Coding For Optical chnnnels
BSTTM/300 Sifeng Liu Grey Information
BSTTM/301 Jianfeng Ma Security Access In Wireless Local Area Networks
BSTTM/302 Jeong-Ho-Woo Mobile 3D Graphics Soc
BSTTM/303 Eiya B. Joffe Grounds For Grounding
BSTTM/304 Behrouz A. Forduzan Data Comm. And Network
BSTTM/305 Athanasios Papoulis Probability, Random Variables & Stochastic
BSTTM/306 John G. Proakis Digital Communication 5th Edition
BSTTM/307 Sandra Donaldson System Analisis of Design of The Transition To Objects
BSTTM/308 John R. Berry, Digital Communication 3rd Edition
BSTTM/309 Cisco System, Inc Fundamentals Of Wireless Lans
BSTTM/310 John Berry Innovation of The communication Revolution
BSTTM/311 Axel Zerdick E-Merging Media
BSTTM/312 Loutfi Nuaymi Wimax Tech. For Broadband Wireless Access
BSTTM/313 Guy Davies Designing of Developing Scalable IP Network
BSTTM/314 Russell W.Burns Comm.An International History of The Formative Years
BSTTM/315 Costas Courcoubetis Pricing Communication Networks
BSTTM/316 Ramjee Prasad Towards A Global 3G Systems
BSTTM/317 Luis M.Correia Wireless Flexible Personalised Comm.
BSTTM/318 Ramjee Prasad New Horixons In Mobile of Wireless Comm. Vol 2
BSTTM/319 Dimitrios Katsoros Wireless Information Highways
BSTTM/320 Ranjan Roy Sources In The Development of Mathemathics
BSTTM/321 Imre Csiszar Information Theory, 2nd Edition
BSTTM/322 Kami Makki Mobile & Wireless Network & Privacy
BSTTM/323 Thierry Gayraud Broadband & Satellite Comm. System &The Challenges of Mobility
BSTTM/324 A.Nejat Ince Modeling of Simulations Environment of Terrestrial Comm. Network
BSTTM/325 Aftab Ahmad Data Comm. Principles For Fixed & Wireless Networks
BSTTM/326 Ramjee Prasad New Horixons In Mobile of Wireless Comm. Vol 3
BSTTM/327 Nevio Benvenuto Communication Systems
BSTTM/328 Adrian Perrig Secure Broadband Communication in Wired and Wireless Networks
BSTTM/329 Clive Reis Abstract Algebra : An Introduction to Groups, Rings and Fields
BSTTM/330 Leonhard Korowajczuk LTE, WiMAX and WLAN Network Design, Optimization and Performance
BSTTM/331 Are Hjorungnes Complex-valued Matrix Derivatives
BSTTM/332 Ivan Stojmenovic Handbook of Wireless Network and Mobile Computing
BSTTM/333 Joseph Bolluzzi Femtocells Design and Application
BSTTM/334 Kresmir Malaric EMI Protection for Communication
BSTTM/335 Liliana Gavrilovska Ad Hoc Networking towards Seamless Communication
BSTTM/336 Subrata Goswami Internet Protocols Advances, Technology and Application
BSTTM/337 Mark Stamp Information Security Principles and Practise, 2nd Edition
BSTTM/338 Scott R. Bullock Transceiver and System Design for Digital Communication, 3rd Edition
BSTTM/339 Dr. Prabhakar Chitrapu Wideband TDD
BSTTM/340 David L. Mills Computer Network Time Synchronization
BSTTM/341 Mooi Choo Chuan Design and Performance of 3G Wireless Network and Wireless LANS
BSTTM/342 Erik Dahcman 3G Evolution HSPA and LTE for Mobile Broadband, 2nd Edition
BSTTM/343 L. Hanzo Turbo Coding, Turbo Equalization and Space Time Coding, 2nd Edition
BSTTM/344 Romain Couillet Random Matrix Methods for Wireless Communication
BSTTM/345 Samson Lasaulle Game Theory and Learning for Wireless Network
BSTTM/346 Turner Service Provision Techniques for Next Gen. Communication
BSTTM/347 Wen-Chen Hu Advances in Security and Payment Methods for Mobile Commerce
BSTTM/348 Ahmed Seffah Multiple User Interfaces
BSTTM/349 Suzanne W. Morse Smart Communities
BSTTM/350 Ye (Geoffrey) Li Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing for Wireless Communication
BSTTM/351 H. Sizun Radio Wave Propagation for Telecommunication Applications
BSTTM/352 Rajkumar Buyya Content Delivery Networks
BSTTM/353 Stamatios Karfalopoulos Next Generation Intelligent Optical Networks
BSTTM/354 R. Jurdak Wireless ad hoc and Sensor Networks
BSTTM/355 S. Kami Makki Sensor and Adhoc Networks
BSTTM/356 Gabor Magyar Advances in Information Systems, Vol. 1
BSTTM/357 Daniel Ralph Location and Personalisation : Delivering Online and Mobility Services
BSTTM/358 Erik Dahlman 3G Evolution HSPA and LTE for Mobile Broadband
BSTTM/359 David Middleton Non Gaussian Statistical Communication Theory
BSTTM/360 Ekram Hossain Green Radio Communication Networks
BSTTM/361 Geoff Varrall Making Telecoms Work
BSTTM/362 Efraim Turban Information Technology for Management
BSTTM/363 Andrew J. Viterbi Principles of Digital Communication and Coding
BSTTM/364 Alan Gatherer The Application of Programmable DSPs in Mobile Communication
BSTTM/365 Gernot Akemann The Oxford Handbook of Random Matrix Theory
BSTTM/366 Zhu Han, Dusit Nivato Game Theory
BSTTM/367 B. P. Lathi Modern Digital and Analog Communication System, 3rd Edition
BSTTM/368 Stephen J. Chapman MATLAB Programming For Engineers, 2nd Edition
BSTTM/369 James P. Lynch ARM Cross Developments with Eclipse, Version 3
BSTTM/370 Shlomi Arnon Advanced Optical Wireless Communication Systems
BSTTM/371 Selvamuthu Dharmaraja Introduction to Probability and Stochastic Processes with Applications
BSTTM/372 Devi Chadha Terrestrial Wireless Optical Communication
BSTTM/373 Hans-Bernd Kittlaus Software Product Management of Pricing
BSTTM/374 Andrej Jajszcyk A Guide to the Wireless Engineering Body of Knowledge
BSTTM/375 Mark L. Ayers Telecommunication Systems Reliability Engineering, Theory of Practice
BSTTM/376 Simod Haykind Cognitive Dynamic Systems
BSTTM/377 Ekram Hossain Green Radio Communication Networks
BSTTM/378 Erik G. Larsson Space-Time Block Coding for Wireless Communication
BSTTM/379 F. Richard Yu Green Communication and Networking
BSTTM/380 Dr. Ovidiu Vermesan Internet of Things - Global Technology and Social Trends
BSTTM/381 M. Meier Enterprise Management with SAP SEM / Business Analytics
BSTTM/382 Simon Haykin Digital Communication Systems
BSTTM/383 Tony Q. S. Quek Small Cell Networks
BSTTM/384 Rodney A. Kennedy Hilbert Space Methods in Signal Processing
BSTTM/385 Kim J. Andreasson Cyber Security : Public Sector and Threats Responses
BSTTM/386 Chwan-Hwa Wu Introduction to Computer Networks and Cyber Security
BSTTM/387 Solange Ghernaouti Helie Cyber Crime, Cyber Conflict and Cyber Power
BSTTM/388 George K. Kostopoulos Cyberspace and Cybersecurity
BSTTM/389 Guillaume de La Roche LTE - Advanced and Next Generation Wireless Networks : Channel Modelling and Propagation
BSTTM/390 Jinsong Wu Green Communication : Theoretical Fundamentals, Algorithms and Applications
BSTTM/391 Richard E. Blahut Modem Theory : An Introduction to Telecommunications
BSTTM/392 Zhu Han Compressive Sensing for Wireless Networks
BSTTM/393 Preston Marshall Scalability, Density and Decision Making in Cognitive Wireless Networks
BSTTM/394 Quan Li Liquid Crystals Beyond Displays
BSTTM/395 Peter Stavroulakis Handbook of Information and Communication Security
BSTTM/397 Gerardo Gomez End to End Quality of Service Over Cellular Networks
BSTTM/398 Kandeepan Sithamparanathan Cognitive Radio Techniques : Spectrum Sensing, Interface Mitigation and Localization
BSTTM/399 Shen-En- Qian Optical Satellite Data Compression of Implementation
BSTTM/400 Shen-En- Qian Optical Satellite Signal Processing & Enhancement
BSTTM/401 Christine Fernandez-Maloilne Advanced Color Image Prossing & Analysis
BSTTM/402 Fathi E. Abdel -Samie Image Super-Resolution & Applications
BSTTM/403 Shiv Kumar Fiber Optic Communications, Fundamentals & Applications
BSTTM/404 Chockalinga Large MIMO Systems
BSTTM/405 David declercq channel Coding Theory , algorithms and Applications
BSTTM/406 Wing C. Kwong Optical Coding Theory with Prime
BSTTM/407 Ken-Ichi-Kitayama Optical Code Dirrsion Multiple Access
BSTTM/408 Ifiok Otung Digital Communications Principles and Systems 
BSTTM/409 Nikolay V. Savischenko Special Intergral Functions Used in wireless Comm.Theory
BSTTM/410 Arun K. Majumder Advanced Free Space Optics (FSO) : A Systems Approach
BSTTM/411 Pierre Baudin Wireless Transceiver Architechure: Bridging RF and Digital Comm.
BSTTM/412 A.Chockalingam Large MIMO Systems
BSTTM/413 Richard Zurawski Industrial Comm. Technology Handbook 2nd Edition
BSTTM/414 J.L.Satos ,F.Farapi Hand Book of Optical Sensors
BSTTM/415 Jyrki T.J. Penttinen The Telecommunications Handbook :Engineering Guideline for Fixed Mobile
BSTTM/416 Sudharman K .Jayaweera Signal Processing for Cognitive Radios
BSTTM/417 Jean-Gvillaume Dumas Foundation of Coding : Compression Encryption,Error Correction
BSTTM/418 Anne Mette Hass Guide to Advanced Software Testing, 2 nd Edition
BSTTM/419 Naresh Gupta Inside Bluetooth Low Energy
BSTTM/420 Sudharman K. Jayaweera Signal Processing for Cognitive Radios
BSTTM/421 Guowan Miro Energy and Spectrum Efficient Wireless Network Design
BSTTM/422 Lingyang Song Wireless Device-to -Device Communications and Networks
BSTTM/423 R.Srikant communication Networks an Optimization,Control and Stochastic Networks
BSTTM/424 Yonina C.Eldar Sampling Theory Beyond Bandlimited Systems
BSTTM/425 Konstantinos Samdanis Green Communications: Principles, concepts and Practice
BSTTM/426 Rafael Saraiva Campos RF Positioning Fundamentals Applications and Tools
BSTTM/427 HaHae-sik Kim Wireless Communications Systems and Design
BSTTM/428 Shlomi Arnon Visible Light Communication
BSTTM/429 Svilen dimitrov Principles of LED Light Communications:Towards Networked Li-Fi
BSTTM/430 Theodore J. Sheskin Markov chains and Decision Processes for Engineers and Managers
BSTTM/431 William J.Stewart Probability, Markov Chains, Queues, and Simulation
BSTTM/432 R. Srikant communication Networks an Optimization,Control and Stochastic Networks Prespective 1 Edition
BSTTM/433 Upamanyu Madhow Indruduction to Communication SystemPerformance Analysis of Complex Networks and Systems
BSTTM/434 Piet Van Mieghem Inrroductions to Communication Systems
BSTTM/435 Danda B. Rawat Cyber-Physical Systems From Theory to Pratice
BSTTM/436 Gerard Sierksma Linear and Integer Optimization Theory and Pratice 3rd Edition
BSTTM/437 Kalyanmoy Deb Optimization for Engineering Design algorithme and Examples 2nd Edition
BSTTM/438 Kalyanmoy Deb Multi Objective Optimization using evolutionary Algorithm
BSTTM/439 Sean Meyn Morkov Chains and Stochastic Stability
BSTTM/440 Khalil Nonlinear System
BSTTM/441 Han Game Theory in Wireless and Communication Network
BSTTM/442 Hossain Dynamic Spectrum Access and Management in Congnitive Radio Networks
BSTTM/443 Murat Uysal Optical Wireless Communication
BSTTM/444 Ong U .Routh Matrix Algorithims in Matlabs
BSTTM/445 T.Agami Reddy applied Data Analysis and Modeling for Energy Engineer and Scientists