Dr. Brejesh Lall 
Head Bharti School

Research Area: Multiscale Modeling of Stochastic Processing, Widescale Cyclostationary Process Representation, Physical Layer in Wireless Communication

Dr. Devi Chadha

Research Area:Photonics, Optical Communication Systems and Networks, Microwave and Millimeter wave Devices & Circuits,Electromagnetics.

Dr. Manav Bhatnagar

Research Area:Signal Processing for MIMO Communication Systems, Cooperative Communications, Ultra Wideband (UWB) Communications, Non-coherent Decoders, Cognitive Networks, Coding Theory of MIMO Communication Systems .

Dr. Shouribrata Chatterjee

Research Area:Analog circuit design and VLSI, Analog and Digital filter design, Low power and Low voltage circuit techniques, Measurement and Instrumentation techniques.

Dr. Ranjan Bose

Research Area: Ultra Wideband Communications, Wireless Communications, Information Theory and Error Control Coding.

Dr. Ranjan Kumar Mallik 

Research Area: Communication Theory and Systems, Difference Equations, Linear Algebra.

Dr. Harshan Jagadeesh  
M. M. P. Coordinator

Research Area: Wireless networks, Coding theory, Distributed Storage Networks, Wireless Security, Cyber-Physical Systems

Dr. Shantanu Chaudhary 

Research Area: Computer Vision, Multimedia Systems, Computational Intelligence.

Dr. Shiv Dutt Joshi (HOD - EE)

Research Area: Statistical Signal Processing, Image Processing, Group Theorotical Approach to Signal/Image Processing.

Dr. Subrat Kar

Research Area:Photonic Switching, Optical Networks, Computer Communication Networks.

Dr. Surendra Prasad

Research Area: Signal Processing and Communication, Speech and Image Processing.

Dr.Swades De

Research Area: Wireless Communication Networks and Systems, Broadband Access and Routing Techniques, Performance Modeling and Analysis.

Dr. Vinod Chandra

Research Area: Communication System, Fault Tolerant Computing systems, Optical communication.

Dr. Virander Kumar Jain

Research Area:Noise Study and Modeling, Digital Communications, Data Communications and Optical Communications and Networks.

Dr. Saif K Mohammed

Research Area:Wireless Communication (Large MIMO Systems/Massive MIMO Systems), Communication Theory and Systemss,Information Theory, Statistical Signal Processing.

Dr. Seshan Srirangarajan

Research Area:Signal Processing, Wireless Communication, Wireless sensor networks, Optimisation, Machine learning

Dr. B. K. Panigrahi

Research Area:Power Quality, FACTS Devices, Power System Protection, AI Application to Power System.

Dr. Lalan Kumar

Research Area:Array Signal Processing, Time-frequency Analysis, Blind Source Separation, Digital Signal Processing, Biomedical Signal Processing, Speech, Music and Acoustic Signal Processing

Dr. Jun Bae Seo

Research Area:Wireless mobile communication networks, Computer communication networks, computational probability, stochastic processes, queueing theory and optimizing network of queues

Dr. Abhishek Dixit

Research Area:Optical access networks, Fibre wireless converged networks.

Dr. Prathosh A.P

Research Area:Vision and image processing audio, speech and music analytics and learning (deep learning, sequential modelling and transfer learning).


Prof. Ravi Shankar

Research Area:Supply Chain Management, Operations Management, Project Management, Total QualityManagement & Six Sigma, Strategic Technology Management, Quantitative modelling,Knowledge Management

Prof. Surendra S.Yadav

Research Area:Corporate Finance, International Finance, International Business, Security Analysis & Portfolio Management, General Management

Dr. Harish Chaudhary 

Research Area:Marketing Management, Strategic Marketing, Rural Marketing, Product Planning andManagement, Brand Management

Prof. S. K. Jain 

Research Area:Managerial Economics,Econometrics & Statistics, Entrepreneurship Management, Management of Technology (IPR Aspects)

Dr. Mahim Sagar 

Research Area:Brand Management, Ethical Brand Positioning, Product Development and Consumer Based Business Strategy

Dr. Arpan Kar  

Research Area:E-business, E-commerce, E-governance, M-commerce, Decision Support Systems, Business Analytics.

Dr. P Vigneswara Ilavarasan 

Research Area:Information and Communication Technologies & Development (ICTD) [Use of mobiles & other ICTs by Women microentrepreneurs in India], Information Technology Industry in India [Labour, R&D Centers of MNCs, Inter-firm linkages, Clusters & Sub-national Policy], ICTs & Government [Electronic Governance] .


Prof. Huzur Saran

Research Area: High Speed Networks, Graph Theory, Algorithms.

Prof. M.Balakrishnan 

Research Area: CAD for VLSI, Computer Architecture.

Dr.Vinay Joseph Ribeiro

Research Area: Computer Networks.

Dr.Kolin Paul

Research Area:
* Reconfigurable and Adaptive Computing
* Systems Issues in deeply Embedded Systems
* MultiCore Architectures --- Systems Issues

Dr. Aaditeshwar Seth 

Research Area:
- Low-cost computer networks and ICT systems for rural areas
- coslider based networks
- Participatory information sharing on social networks


Dr.Dharmaraja. S

Research Area:Applied probability, queueing theory, stochastic modeling and performance analysis of computer and communication systems.


Prof. S.K.Koul

Research Area: Microwave Integrated Circuits,CAD, Microwave Phase Shifters, Optical and millimeter wavedielectric integrated guides and circuits

Dr. Ananjan Basu 

Research Area: Microwave and millimeter wave Engineering.

Dr. Mahesh P Abegaonkar

Research Area: Microwave and millimeter wave Engineering.

Dr. Monika Aggarwal

Research Area: Signal Processing and Communications


Dr. Nomesh Bolia 

Research Area:Operations Research, Stochastic Modeling and applications to Public Health, Telecommunication, Financial Engg, Supply Chains, Transportation, Public Delivery Systems and Efficient Governance


Dr. Anand Srivastava 

Research Area:Optical core and access network, Fiber-Wireless (FiWi) architectures, Optical Signal Processing, Free space optical communications, energy aware optical networks

Dr. Vimal Bhatia 

Research Area:Audio signal processing, Video signal processing, Communication channel estimation.

Dr. Arzad Alam Kherani 

Research Area:Computer networks, Queueing systems, Wireless communications.

Dr. Subidh Ali 

Research Area: Cyber security, Hardware security and trust, Adversarial machine learning, IoT and Smart Infrastructure Design and security.

Dr. Dhiman Saha 

Research Area:Cryptography, Theoretical cryptanalysis, HAsh functions, Authenticated/ Block Ciphers, Fault analysis attacks, Higher order boolean derivatives, Memory hard functions, Proof-of-work.

Dr. Aashish Mathur 

Research Area:Power line communications, Free space optical communications, Visible light communications.

Dr. Soumava Mukherjee 

Research Area:SIW, Broadband planar antenna, multiband planar anteena.

Dr. Arun Kumar Singh 

Research Area:Communication theory, Wireless and mobile communications, Satellite based navigation systems, Spread spectrum systems.