Bharti Lectures
Airtel Lecture Series
  • Case Study of Big Data Analysis for Smart Grid by Prof. Zhu Han, held on 31st May, 2016.
  • "Green Spaces: Connecting the next Billion Users to the Broadband Internet" by Mr. Ramachandran Ramjee, held on 17th Nov, 2015.
  • "The Changing DNA of Mobile Data Consumption" by Mr. Shyam Prabhakar Madriker, held on 6th April, 2015.
  • "5G" by Mr. Shyam Prabhakar Madriker, held on 11th March, 2015.
  • "The Challenge of Complexity" by Mr. Peter Cochrane, held on 21st Jan, 2015.
  • "Cell Tower and Mobile Radiations - Perception, Threats and Solutions" by Prof. Dariusz Leszczynski, held on 16th Sept, 2014.
  • "Accelerating Scientific Progress in the Era of Information Overload" by Dr. Venu Govindaraju, held on 11th August, 2014.
  • "Active Learning and Learning in the Non-Stationary Environment" by Prof. Cesare Alippi, held on 24th April, 2014.